Applications for the Snap-Flat self closing over-centre latch include camper trailers, caravans, trucks, motor homes, utilities and tray backs. They are also used in industrial applications for vehicle body manufacturing, containers, moulding tools, marine vessels, and mobile equipment.

Below are shown several different applications of the Snap-Flat latch that due to its Fail-Safe (doesn’t accidently de-couple) and its self-closing features, solves problems caused by traditional over centre latches.

Camper Trailers

Pop Top Caravans

Conventional over-centre latches used on pop top caravans cause several known problems some with potential catastrophic outcomes.


Rota Molding

Video Rota Moulding Example

Ute Trays

Snap-FLat latch used to secure a ute tray

For a full description and example photos of the problems with conventional heavy-duty over center latches on trailers and trays.