Safest Over Centre Latch



The design prevents the latch from accidently disengaging from the hook, even if it has not been secured into the over-center position.


Prevents injury by securing the latch and handle in the flat position so it can’t “gouge” people.


Reduce latch being damaged by securing the latch and handle in the flat position so it doesn’t “snag” against other objects.


Secure your goods with holes allowing for both small and large padlocks.


Intelligent design and 304 stainless steel manufacture to ensure strength, long term reliability and durability. Breaking strain in excess of 1 Tonne.


Designed for comfortable, easy release & engagement of the latch. Adjustable length..


Features & Benefits

The Snap-FlatTM Latch is a conventional adjustable Over Centre Latch or Fastener with a critical difference. It has been fitted with 2 springs that deliver 2 compelling benefits.

The first is the ‘FAIL-SAFE’ feature, where due to the tension created by one of the springs, the latch arm is prevented from accidentally de-coupling from the catch or hook.  The Snap-FlatTM  over centre latch will stay secured to the hook even when no longer in the over centre position.

The second compelling benefit is the ‘SNAP-FLAT’ feature, where the  latch, when intentionally dis-engaged from the catch or hook, will ‘Snap’ back into a secure FLAT POSITION. This prevents the latch from flapping around or protruding where it can be damaged or cause injury.

The first model of the Snap-FlatTM, is a heavy duty over centre latch (model SFM8-304), with a recent variation developed for Pop top Caravan applications (model SFM8-304-C). The latch’s design and use of 304 stainless steel ensures strength, long-term durability and prevents corrosion in harsh Australian environments. The latch has a rated breaking strain of more than 1 tonne, making it suitable for most heavy-duty applications.

The stainless steel over centre latch is also adjustable and includes twin lockable holes.



Patents Granted in USA & China for Snap-Flat Latch

Patent applications for the Snap-Flat latch, PCT

Over Centre Latch Problems with Pop Top Caravans

Most Pop top and Hybrid caravans use 4 over centr

European Patent Granted

The European Patent Office has granted a patent f

Australian Patent Granted, Europe Accepted

The Australian Patent Office has issued on 17th O

New Snap-Flat latch design V4.2

Uniseg Products have released a new version of it



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    Snap-Flat Over Centre Latch Applications

    While the  Snap-FlatTM  over centre latch can be used to replace any conventional over centre latch, there are however certain applications where the ‘FAIL-SAFE’ and ‘SNAP-FLAT’ features can be particularly important. Which features of the Snap-FlatTM  latch are most important will depend upon the application. Some applications we have identified where the Snap-FlatTM latch offers compelling advantages, include:

    Pop Top Caravans

    Several problems have been identified with the use of over centre latches on pop top caravans (sometimes referred to pop top roof clamps or pop top roof clips). The most critical is the tendency for existing over centre latches to accidently decouple while driving, potentially resulting in the pop top’s roof blowing off. While this is obviously an expensive accident the real concern is the potential to cause an accident with nearby motorist. For full details on the problems with traditional pop top caravan latches and how the Snap-FlatTM latches resolves these.

    Camper Trailers

    Over Centre latches are used on camper trailers for a variety of purposes, the most common being to secure equipment such as solar panels, canter lever rack for dinghies or cargo and to secure the camper’s pop top roof. Due to camper trailers often being driven on rough terrain conventional over centre latches can often accidently de-couple resulting in a loss of equipment or causing a potential accident with nearby motorist. For full details on the application of the Snap-FlatTM latch for camper trailers.

    Ute Tray & Trailers

    Conventional heavy duty over centre latches used on ute trays and trailers can represent an injury risk as they can protrude out from the ute or vehicle body. They also can result in damage the paint work on a ute’s mudguard when the tray is dropped down. The ‘SNAP-FLAT’ feature of the Snap-FlatTM  latch resolves both these issues.

    Containers, Crates & Boxes

    The Snap-FlatTM  latch was originally invented by Uniseg Products because conventional latches installed on our Battery Transport & Storage Containers, were always being damaged, when being forklifted or the container was collapsed. The Snap-FlatTM  latch also prevented the latch accidently de-coupling, which reduced the safety risks while transporting the containers. When security of the goods is important the Snap-Flat is also a lockable over centre latch, with twin pad lockable holes.

    Rota Moulding

    An unexpected application for the Snap-FlatTM  latch has been to replace over centre latches or fasteners used to fasten rota moulding tools together during the manufacturing processes. The Snap-FlatTM  latch delivers several important benefits, including not accidently de-coupling and the ‘SNAP-FLAT’ feature prevents the latch being damaged and prevents the latch spinning out of adjustment.

    Installing the Snap-FlatTM Over Centre Latch

    The SFM8-304 model over centre latch and the caravan style equivalent (model SFM8-304-C), come with three 6.2mm countersunk mounting holes. A variety of methods can be used to install or fix the latch and this may depend upon the application and the required strength. Using stainless steel fittings is recommended.

    The strongest and most secure installation method is to use nutserts and 6mm countersunk threaded bolts. Other alternatives to fix the stainless steel over centre latch, include;

    • 10G Countersunk head self-tapping screws
    • Pop rivets (use stainless not aluminium rivets)
    •  6mm Tek screw (not recommended)

    Why the Snap-Flat Latch was invented?

    Early versions of UNISEG Product’s UNISEG Container and Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Container used a conventional ‘non-sprung’ over center latch. These over center latches were being frequently damaged when uncoupled from their hook, due to the latch and its handle not being secured and be able to flop around.

    The latches would often protrude and be damaged by bumping against other equipment, when the container was being shifted by forklift. They were also damaged when collapsing the Uniseg Container into the flat position.

    As a result of these problems UNISEG Products designed and developed the Snap-Flat latch where the latch and handle ‘Snap’ back to the FLAT POSITION, when the latch is un-coupled from the hook.