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Japan Patent Granted for Snap-Flat Latch

Patent applications for the Snap-Flat latch, PCT Publication Number WO2016/070235, have been granted in Japan (Patent Number 6982124). The Patent Certificate was issued on 22nd November 2021.

Patents have been previously granted for the Snap-Flat latch in Australia, China, France, Germany ,South Africa, UK, USA with applications in progress for Canada and India.

The latch was invented by Uniseg Products to address the problem of conventional over centre latches used on their collapsible, plastic bulk container, being damaged when disengaged. The “Snap Flat” feature eliminated this problem. The Snap-Flat latch also prevents the latch from accidently de-coupling, even when not properly secured in the over-centre position. This is a common problem with conventional over centre latches that can have catastrophic outcomes in some applications, such as when securing the roof of a pop top caravan.