If the item the over centre latch (also know as a toggle latch) is being fitted to is always ‘stationary’ then the answer, is probably NO.

However, if the latch is being fitted to is a ‘moving’ item, the answer, depending on the application, could be a most definite YES.

The addition of two springs to a conventional over-center latch delivers two potentially important benefits.

The first is the fact that a SNAP-FLAT Latch delivers a secure, ‘fail-safe’ engagement of the Catch Arm and Catch Plate (Hook) even if over-center alignment is lost.

This prevents catastrophic dis-engagement and cannot be overstated in some circumstances. For instance in the case of pop-top caravans, failure in this application has been fatal.

The second benefit is the fact that a SNAP-FLAT Latch remains flat and ‘out of the way’ when the Catch Arm and Catch Plate are not engaged. This prevents damage to the Latch itself and accidental personal injury.

With regard to specific applications for the latch, a electrical cabinet or a box or container that sits on a workshop bench are good examples of ‘stationary’ applications while , transport crates / containers, camper trailers, caravans and other types of vehicles (automotive, rail, marine and air) are examples of ‘moving’ applications.

SNAP-FLAT Latches are a high quality stainless-steel over-center latch that are specifically designed for moving applications.

Snap-Flat latch installed on a ute tray

Example of Snap-Flat latch used for in a “moving” application