Some containers, boxes and crates will use over centre latches (also referred to as a toggle latch) to close or seal the container or box. It the container, box or crate is being used as a storage device and is rarely transported then the use of conventional over centre latches are adequate for this purpose.

If however the container, box or crate is used to transport goods then conventional over centre latches  (non self-closing) can give rise to 2 problems.

The first issue is that conventional latches can lose their over centre position due to excessive vibrations or the operator failing to engage the latch correctly. The over centre latch can then disengage from the catch plate or hook during transport, resulting in the loss of valuable items or worse cause a serious safety incident.

The second issue is damage to conventional over-centre latches when the latch is in the unlatched position. Damage can be caused when the unsecured latch and its handle catch on other objects while being moved or when collapsing / closing the container, box or crate. The damage can render the latch inoperable and consequently the integrity of the container, crate or box is compromised, resulting in expensive repairs or worse… mission failure.

Photo showing damaged over centre latch on a collapsible bulk container
Example of damaged over centre latch on a collapsible bulk container

The Snap-Flat over-centre latch, with its ‘FAILSAFE’ inherent design capability to remain coupled and secure even if over-center alignment is lost and its ability to remain ‘flat’ and ‘out of the way’ when decoupled during the loading and unloading processes delivers safety and reliability where others fail.

Collapsible Bulk Container with Snap-Flat Over Centre Latches

Whether it be a military mission where battles are won or lost on the calibre of the containers, crates and boxes used to deliver weapons, munitions and essential medical equipment to the front, or an industrial application that can cost the company millions in down-time if the goods don’t get where they’re wanted intact, only a Snap-Flat Latch is good enough.

When safety and reliability are critical, always insist on a Snap-Flat Latch when transporting Containers, Crates and Boxes.

Battery Bin with Snap-Flat latch to secure detachable lid
Snap-Flat latch to secure mounted aluminum tool box on utility vehicle