How to Maintain Pop-top Caravans
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All About Pop-top Caravans: What They Are And How You Should Maintain Them

If you are familiar with the traditional caravan, you may already know what a pop-top caravan is. While they are both similar, there is one main difference between the two: the roof. A pop-top caravan’s roof opens up to improve headroom. This feature also makes the caravan simpler to move.

Pop-top caravans can be found all across Australia. This may mostly be because they are perfect for travelling. In addition to that, they offer many size and configuration possibilities, off-road variants, and more. 

Benefits of owning a pop-top caravan 

Now that we have properly defined what a pop-top caravan is, we can now better understand the benefits they provide. 

#1 Convenience 

Pop-top caravans are known to be small and portable. The lower the weight is, the easier it is to move around and use. These vehicles are also simpler to pull on the road since there is less wind resistance and drag. On top of that, when a caravan is not in use, one of the issues owners have is where to keep it. However, when you have a pop-top caravan, storage is easier due to its reduced height. Some pop-top versions may be folded down to half their original size, allowing them to fit into any garage. 

#2 Brings the outside inside

We all need to take some time to appreciate the outdoors, inhale some fresh air, and feel the cool wind on our face. In comparison to an RV, pop-top caravans provide you with more access to nature. To add to that, when compared to tents, they offer more protection and durability. 

Canvas siding is used on all sides of pop-top caravans. Each canvas panel includes a screen and a separate solid canvas flap. All of the solid flaps may be opened to provide a 360-degree view of nature. 

#3 Low cost 

Due to the size of pop-top caravans, you get to save money on petrol. Also, a pop-top caravan retains its value well and may be sold for a reasonable price  years later.

How to properly maintain your pop-top caravan

Considering all the great benefits the pop top caravans offer, you would certainly want to keep them in good condition. With that said, here are the best ways you can maintain your pop-top caravan: 

#1 Adequate cleaning

You will need the right cleaning equipment if you want to properly keep your pop-top caravan in good condition. For starters, you need to thoroughly clean your canvas with a solution of 1/4 cup mild detergent to five litres of water. It’s also a good idea to use a silicon-based cleaning agent as long as you don’t spray it on the struts and springs. However, before you start doing any cleaning, you first need to read the manual of your vehicle to know the most fitting product for the best results. 

#2 Regular inspection

You will benefit from performing your own inspection in a variety of ways. Before and after each journey, inspect for any buckles, cracks, or damage. In addition to that, you also need to check the alignments of the parts. Your caravan repairs should also never be put off. If you discover anything isn’t quite right or isn’t working, you should have it fixed right away. 

#3 Examine struts 

Even if you take exceptional care of your caravan, a couple of the components may break down. If you thoroughly check your vehicle, you will find that gas struts may be found in a variety of locations. Life on the road and at the campground would be considerably more difficult without them. Therefore, you should make it a priority to check that all of the struts are in good working order. Make sure these parts are rust-free and moving freely. 

#4 Check lights

You should follow a regular maintenance plan that includes monitoring the brake lights to ensure your car is in good operating order. Furthermore, highly consider checking if the indicator, brake, tail, and running lights are all working and not faded. 

#5 Proper parking

Proper caravan maintenance calls for better parking placements. This will include you choosing to park inside underground garages instead of exposed areas on the side of the road. When you keep it inside protected areas, you avoid environmental wear and strain. On top of that, you will not need to constantly clean your vehicle. 

Why you should use Snap-Flat Latches when maintaining the safety of their caravan

At times when a caravan is not being driven, over-centre latches or pop top roof clamps are used to secure the collapsed pop-top roof to the caravan. However, there are a number of disadvantages with the conventional latches that are supplied with pop top caravans, including the following: 

  1. Injury as a result of a protruding latch: Some Pop-top caravans have over centre latches that are positioned at eye level. A snap-flat latch, will not protrude and hence eliminate potential injuries. 
  1. The latch’s decoupling: The conventional pop roof latches are cheaply made and poor quality. Many pop top owners have experienced the latches decoupling while towing their van. This has resulted in the incredibly dangerous situation where  the roof blows off while driving. 
  1. Corrosion & latch failure: Corrosion, deformation, and damage to the latch, will make your latch difficult to use. There appear to be numerous reasons for such failure, including knocking protruding latches and over-tightening.

With all that being said, Snap-Flat Latches should be preferred over other brands. The innovative Snap-Flat latch from Uniseg Products overcomes these issues through clever design and the use of appropriate materials.