new snap flat latch design - stainless over centre latch
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New Snap-Flat latch design V4.2

Uniseg Products have released a new version of its self closing, over-centre, Snap-Flat latch.

The main improvements for version 4.2 of the latch, include;

  • Increased pin dimension by 50% from 4 to 6mm, to considerably strengthen the latch.
  • Adjust inner & outer spring tensions to achieve a better balance the tensions between the handle and the latch.
  • Added extra lockable eyelet (from 1 to 2)

A yield and destruction test of the latch confirmed that the latch deformed at 13.4 kN or 1.365 Tonne. Uniseg would expect the latch to easily handle forces up to 1 Tonne, which would make it one of the strongest and lockable over-centre latches, of this size, available.

A copy of the yield & destruction test report, carried our by Proofload, can be found below;

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